Solar power can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment while helping you reduce your monthly power bill. Although a solar system may cost a little up front, long term you can save $1000’s

How it works….

Solar panels are photovoltaic which convert direct sunlight into electricity. An inverter is then needed to transfer this electricity which is direct current into alternating current which is the electricity every household and business use.  This renewable, clean source of energy can help reduce the effects harmful fuels are having on the environment while helping you keep some $$ in your pocket. 

Solar panel technology over the last 10 years has come along way.  Solar power systems are more efficient and affordable and with the improvements of the panels themselves and developments of battery storage making the thought of having power off the grid more attractive and achievable than ever.

We have been installing Solar Panels for over 8 years.  We offer quality of service, friendly and honest advice and first-class workmanship.  We take a look at your power usage, budget and overall goal to help you make an informed decision.  So, weather your home is old or new an appraisal will help you decide if solar power is for you.

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